Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Getting to Know the Two Jinchuuriki's

Naruto Shippuuden. The latest anime series that made me (once again after YuYu Hakusho)an addict cartooner kid so far. No, i never catches this series at ABS-CBN every afternoon. I am enjoying it over and over again in dvd copy. I liked it better in Japanese version or shall i say, original version in not so original copy...ah basta!

The story's cool. Action-packed. It's very entertaining and interesting to know what Shinobi's are, who and what are the Chuunins, the Juunins, and the Genins, who are the people from Konoha, from The Sand Village, that there is also a sub-group from Konoha called the ANBU-Root. There's so many to explore and to enjoy as well in the story as the mission goes tougher and tougher, deeper and deeper. The other interesting part is knowing that Gaara(Kazakage)and Naruto(Genin), apart from becoming a Hokage, were also both Jinchuurikis in which, what's inside them are what the Akatsuki want, the Kyubi's inside them that mixes in their own chakras which enables them to triple their power and strenght.

Friendship, and sacrifices, learning to help in times of danger, troubles and in needs. Just watch it and you'll see what this whole thing means.

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