Tuesday, 20 November 2007

"And I was Tagged..."

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

7 Facts About Oliwoo

1. She listens to punk, pop, garage, techno music.

2. Her most ambitious dream so far is to become the Ricky Lo or Erik Caruncho's female counterpart to rock music scene.

3. She'd love to watch David Duchovny, Hugo Weaving and Gary Oldman over and over again!

4. She don't eat cassava and lengua but coffee keeps her always on the go!

5. She fetish for Harry Potter, everything Harry Potter!

6. That listening to Spice Girls, videoke singing, and being star-strucked seeing Ely Buendia are some of her guilty pleasures.

7. She's suffering from excessive compulsive disorder.

The ABC Thing:

A - Age: 27
B - Band Listening To Right Now: Chain Gang, Box Car Racer, Pupil, The Vines, Queen
C - Career: admin assistant, part-time retailer of a girl's vice: accessories
D - Drink or Smoke: wala
E - Easiest Friends to Talk To: blogmates, mga bi's, si alambre
F - First Crush: siguro nung grade 2 pa ko.
G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: wala.
H - Have a BF: Yes I have a bf.
I - In Love: naman! At four years na kame,huh!
J - Junk Food You Like: Kahit ano, mostly potatoes,in chips and shoestrings.
L - Longest Ride Ever: Cubao to Pampanga (Guagua)
M - Making Love Out of Nothing at All:
N - Names of Your Future Kids: boy-Pablo girl-Wanda
O - One Wish You Have Right Now: stable and firm future
P - Phobias: parang wala naman
Q - Quote(Favorite): To a well-organised mind, death is another next great adventure. - Albus Dumbledore
R - Reason to Smile: toto
S - Sleeping time: eleven p.m. onwards
T - Time You Woke Up: eight a.m.
U - Unknown Fact About You: best not to mention, hence, unknown.
V - Vegetable You Hate: siguro some of the root crops
W - Worst Habit: waking up late, and my exessive compulsive disorder..toxicity!
X - X-Rays: Chest PA, Lungs are Clear.
Y - Yummy Food: Baked Zitti
Z - Zodiac: taurus

I honestly enjoy doing this,thanks to Saminella for the tag.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Pedicab: A Hip, Techno Ride

Techno-Rock. Sounds like a collaboration. Indeed. This wasn't that hip at the early times of the Pinoy rock. Booming starts early 20's when iconic Raimund Marasigan bravely applied techno sound to ever Pop-Punk Eraserheads. Results? Sticker Happy, Natin 99, and Carbon Stereo Oxide to site a few. Of course it was all a success. Everybody knew it. But after the 'Heads' fate, Raimund never put a period for his Techno-fetish deeds. Early 20's, he had himself an alter-ego known as Squid 9, and some good-looking bloke named Diego Mapa with his band flagged as Monsterbot arisen with a sonic success. Of course, Techno-Rock was become an instant hit with their singles Explosive, Bury The Oreo, Everything You. I knew it because i have a Destroy! Destroy! record. T'was circa '02 to be exact. Behind this success was Raimund acted as their producer. Maybe the band liked Techno in the first place. As Carlo Navarro, the Porta Sound-Tonebank-Synths player of the band emphasizes the chords, really amazing!

And everything evolves into a new era. Circa '03 or '04 (whichever), Pedicab appeared on to the mainstream and heard over the radio with Dizzy Boy as their carrier single and reached the top of the polling charts over NU107 and KLite's. Tugish Takish, a post-Monsterbot project of Diego "Mappy" Mapa with Twisted Halo's Jason as "J-Sonic", x-Teeth Mike Dizon as the group's master pounder and two others (sorry guys, forgot your tags). There's a track titled A Stormy Night, obviously sung by Raimund back-upped with Mappy. Sounds so Brit Pop! It was my personal favorite aside from Dizzy Boy and Dito Tayo Sa Dilim. During live performances, the band had justified every track on Tugish Takish. Very well done! And oh yeah, you can dance to the beat, help yourself! By the way, why Pedicab? Man, don't ask me..maybe because it's all Pinoy made, a hip techno ride with a huge space in Pinoy Rock scene on the time line.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


"Usually, i'm up at 8, have breakfast and train, lunch, homework, train again, go to work out, come home, do yoga or another class, then go to sleep aroud 10:30 pm. Fall asleep, actually, i wouldn't say i'm a good athlete, but i'm a good tennis player. i want to be number one. If there's a line, i want to be first in line."

-Maria Sharapova

"Sometimes, the worst part of my work out is what i end up liking that...you only see what you're really made of when the going gets rough. i know i'm a tough cookie. But that doesn't mean i won't catch a tearjerker with my girlfriends. Or that i'll give the ice cream pass after a session at the gym. Either way, i deserve every treat."

-Anne Sen

"i want to go to a heavy metal concert and show the guys what moshing is."


"i am a caffeine junkie...coffee keeps me hopping and bopping along all day."


"i'm conspiring with my hamster and teddy bear to take over the world!"


"Whether it's in the gym or at the office, i don't like being under someone else's thumb."


i am beautiful and i am real. This has been my story and yours too. Sometimes, i don't get quite as far as where i wanted. But hey, the journey was always fun. i've learnt a thing or two along the way too. That's what counts right? One thing's for sure, i'll keep setting the bar higher and higher. And i don't have to apologize for being myself.

Monday, 15 October 2007

for the bisexuals

who do i let myself flung
into the abyss of your galaxy?

that varied with bright colors,
that reflects your oneness,

that made me a captive
with your rousing attitude,

that lets me go winding up
about everything, everything you.

but not intently to be like you
and yes, to be with you at times,

with your extended arm
you let me slip,

as a friend , who's flying and gliding all over,
into the abyss of your galaxy,

that varied with bright colors,
that reflects your oneness.

Monday, 8 October 2007

"Flip the tape, fool!"

Tuesday of My Being Sick (3:40)

I'm in a daze, now that every thing's changed
It amazes me, how things go when you let it be
For a time, I would have thought was mine
At least it lasted for a while enough to leave a memory

I don't mind, I guess deep down inside I always knew
That somehow, sometime it'll come to you
And I wonder, could have been more or did I
close the door too soon
Was it all on me?

And it hits me 'cause maybe I'll know,
That it all comes down to letting go,
'Cause it hits me cause I'll never know,
When the rain comes down, when the rain comes down,
When it all comes down on me.

Something or nothing is all I can say
That's how I look at it if I can't help it,
'Cause there's so much more
And that's something that I don't wanna think about

'Cause I don't wanna know I'm only running around
I'll get away, but it keeps coming back maybe to make me see
It wasn't enough for me to understand
So much for nothing that's what I feel myself

So who's complaining,
Well don't look at me
I was only thinking
Out loud, out loud.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Queen of England

I wonder why Toto likes Queen. I never listened to them nor watch their videos. All I know was this is a glam rock band born, raised in England and reached the stardom all over the globe.
Then last night, I just got a DVD of it. Luckily, got my time to review the copy this morning before I off to work. It was like I'm just hearing Bohemian Rhapsody over the radio. Until I reached the tracks that were unreleased here locally. Queen tracks that I never heard before. Tracks that never etched the title over my curly brain but left something about the band to remember. And oh yes, Queen is totally one bloody hell of a band! The old folks were right about them..yeah, my uncle (Tito totong, soli mo na Foreigner tape ko!). As I watch the young Freddy M. releases his powerful,high-pitch voice, I just see the resemblance to the other cross-dresser but respected singers and artist as well. But it doesn't matter that much. It doesn't obviously affect the band's stellar achievements. I think, it helps a lot for the fast and remarkable fame as seen to their hundreds of thousands of paid audiences all over the Earth.
Well i guess I'm just once more an instant fan. Just like Toto.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Punx Before Profit

"Nowadays, everyone can see the face of the great communist Che Guevara printed on shirts, baseball caps, pin buttons, etc. Some kids claims to be a "rocker" by means of of sporting apparels with Che's face printed on it. Obviously, these kids don't know what Che Guevara contributed in the history. I don't think Che Guevara would like that image that he portrays nowadays, especially to the kids. He's famous because of what he's fighting for. I think he doesn't want to be known as a rock star, because he's not! He is a communist. Some ravers wears Sex Pistols shirt, dancing in the influence of drugs. Wearing it just to make fashion with it, and he got fashion, he's got girls! Maybe if Johnny Rotten could see these things, his roots of being a RACIST will be arising again."

"It's just because everything went up into a fashion statement nowadays. And selling up the Punk subculture by means on of the patches with a Mohawks print, patches, studs and arm bands to the useless fucking posers. And surprisingly, it was very much accepted by the masses and display themselves just like a ramp model. They also ruin the DIY ethics and beginners to the Punk scene happens to be a rich kids too. Maybe instead of researching or asking to the scene mate about the DIY stuffs, they simply buy one. Money."

"The point of this article is because these days, there are some stores are selling the Punk to gain their profit, which with, crews needs to sport Punk or Gothic outfits to attract customers. Some stores displays a flag with a Lenin face. Do they really know who Lenin is? So they think Lenin would like to be an ad endorser? These people use the Punk subculture to gain money. It should be stopped. Punk belongs to Punks and not for business men. "

"Don't Commercialize Punk Scene!
We don't want to be sold!"

"Don't be a Punk by MTV."
"Don't be a Punk by Music."
"Don't be a Punk by Fashion."
"Know what Punk really means and apply it to yourself."

"For the Punk, don't just sit there and see what could happen. But don't be a Punk in a disorderly manner, however, if this won't work, maybe it's time..."

a word from: CAINTA PUNK SCENE

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Forgetfulness (alambre, pakopya muna!)

nakalimutan ko yung talagang dapat kong i-post today!

Such...! (c/o minagi)...

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

rj underground

rj underground

this radio station can be heard at 105.9 freq.
former LA station.

it plays both mainstream and underground, be it locals or foreign; but mainly supports local ones of course.
kahit Jerks, maririnig dito!

happy listening!


hanap ang 'yong kamay
wala 'kong kaakbay,
nasan ka na kaya?

parang kahapon lang ng tayo'y magkahawak
sa ilalim ng buwan..

Thursday, 20 September 2007


" yeah, yeah

i like you, I'm not gonna crack
i miss you, I'm not gonna crack
i love you, I'm not gonna crack..."

it's all in my sub-conscious mind. Kanina pa...

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

"to a well-organised mind, death is another next great adventure."