Monday, 8 October 2007

Tuesday of My Being Sick (3:40)

I'm in a daze, now that every thing's changed
It amazes me, how things go when you let it be
For a time, I would have thought was mine
At least it lasted for a while enough to leave a memory

I don't mind, I guess deep down inside I always knew
That somehow, sometime it'll come to you
And I wonder, could have been more or did I
close the door too soon
Was it all on me?

And it hits me 'cause maybe I'll know,
That it all comes down to letting go,
'Cause it hits me cause I'll never know,
When the rain comes down, when the rain comes down,
When it all comes down on me.

Something or nothing is all I can say
That's how I look at it if I can't help it,
'Cause there's so much more
And that's something that I don't wanna think about

'Cause I don't wanna know I'm only running around
I'll get away, but it keeps coming back maybe to make me see
It wasn't enough for me to understand
So much for nothing that's what I feel myself

So who's complaining,
Well don't look at me
I was only thinking
Out loud, out loud.


oliwoo prince said...

sarap talaga nila pakinggan! I'm proud i have their first record..I wish I could have the chords!!!

Alambre sa Thanagar said...

pagbalik namin dyan kaya ko kapain yan in one sitting naks! ako meron nung second album wehehe!!namimiss ko na ang chaingang sheettt!

oliwoo said...

alin yung may Groove Bug? Parang medyo nag experiment sila sa 2nd album. Mas astig tlaga'to. Nahanap ko pa ang teyp nila from the undergrounds of Recto at syempre,masaya tlaga ako nun! cge nga, kunin mo mga sana matugtog natin.

Alambre sa Thanagar said...

panis yan... rakenroll!!

Orange Veloria said...

Oh yeah. All time favorite band!!