Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Queen of England

I wonder why Toto likes Queen. I never listened to them nor watch their videos. All I know was this is a glam rock band born, raised in England and reached the stardom all over the globe.
Then last night, I just got a DVD of it. Luckily, got my time to review the copy this morning before I off to work. It was like I'm just hearing Bohemian Rhapsody over the radio. Until I reached the tracks that were unreleased here locally. Queen tracks that I never heard before. Tracks that never etched the title over my curly brain but left something about the band to remember. And oh yes, Queen is totally one bloody hell of a band! The old folks were right about them..yeah, my uncle (Tito totong, soli mo na Foreigner tape ko!). As I watch the young Freddy M. releases his powerful,high-pitch voice, I just see the resemblance to the other cross-dresser but respected singers and artist as well. But it doesn't matter that much. It doesn't obviously affect the band's stellar achievements. I think, it helps a lot for the fast and remarkable fame as seen to their hundreds of thousands of paid audiences all over the Earth.
Well i guess I'm just once more an instant fan. Just like Toto.


Alambre sa Thanagar said...

the best ang Queen, one of a kind,
pakinggan mo yung Dont Sto Me Now nila para mapaindak ka ng wala sa oras at yung Friends Will Be Friends para maluha ka sa kakareminisce hehe, mabuhay si Freddie!

oliwoo said...

Yeah, danceable track indeed is Don't Stop Me Now.