Friday, 28 September 2007

Punx Before Profit

"Nowadays, everyone can see the face of the great communist Che Guevara printed on shirts, baseball caps, pin buttons, etc. Some kids claims to be a "rocker" by means of of sporting apparels with Che's face printed on it. Obviously, these kids don't know what Che Guevara contributed in the history. I don't think Che Guevara would like that image that he portrays nowadays, especially to the kids. He's famous because of what he's fighting for. I think he doesn't want to be known as a rock star, because he's not! He is a communist. Some ravers wears Sex Pistols shirt, dancing in the influence of drugs. Wearing it just to make fashion with it, and he got fashion, he's got girls! Maybe if Johnny Rotten could see these things, his roots of being a RACIST will be arising again."

"It's just because everything went up into a fashion statement nowadays. And selling up the Punk subculture by means on of the patches with a Mohawks print, patches, studs and arm bands to the useless fucking posers. And surprisingly, it was very much accepted by the masses and display themselves just like a ramp model. They also ruin the DIY ethics and beginners to the Punk scene happens to be a rich kids too. Maybe instead of researching or asking to the scene mate about the DIY stuffs, they simply buy one. Money."

"The point of this article is because these days, there are some stores are selling the Punk to gain their profit, which with, crews needs to sport Punk or Gothic outfits to attract customers. Some stores displays a flag with a Lenin face. Do they really know who Lenin is? So they think Lenin would like to be an ad endorser? These people use the Punk subculture to gain money. It should be stopped. Punk belongs to Punks and not for business men. "

"Don't Commercialize Punk Scene!
We don't want to be sold!"

"Don't be a Punk by MTV."
"Don't be a Punk by Music."
"Don't be a Punk by Fashion."
"Know what Punk really means and apply it to yourself."

"For the Punk, don't just sit there and see what could happen. But don't be a Punk in a disorderly manner, however, if this won't work, maybe it's time..."

a word from: CAINTA PUNK SCENE

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oliwoo said...

hmm, i certainly won't oppose their grievances. it's the real facade of the subculture i once admire